Auditor General Domelevo arrives in his office using backdoor at 8:20am amidst police

Auditor General Domelevo arrives in his office using backdoor at 8:20am amidst police

Ghana’s Auditor-General Daniel Yaw Domelevo who was forced to take his accumulated leave and returned to be greeted with news he is a Togolese by the Audit Service Board has reported  to work amidst all the tension.

Mr. Domelevo reported to work at exactly 8:20am captured by’s cameras while his police guard prevented interactions with him. Mr. Domelevo kept his cool as he entered his office with three months more to go before he finally retires.

The Auditor General had to use the back door to enter his office as the main lock had been changed and he had no access. Media cameras were prevented from following the proceedings. All media men were denied access to the building after his arrival.

As at 7am, journalists had swarmed the office anticipating a showdown. As at 9am, no member of the board has been sighted by at the premises.

The Board Chairman of the Audit Service of Ghana has said Mr. Domelevo is a Togolese, according to records from the Social Security and National Insurance Trust(SSNIT) he or his office got hold of.

The chairman of the board, Prof Edward Dua Agyeman in a letter to Mr Domelevo said that Mr Domelevo stated in his records that  his tribe was Togolese and his hometown was Agbatofe in present-day Togo. It added that Mr Domelevo had also stated his date of birth as June 1960.

The board explained that it discovered that Mr Domelevo changed his date of birth and place of birth from 1st June 1960 and Agbatofe respectively to 1st June 1961 and Ada in 1993.

Mr Domelevo explained that the anomalies with regards to his hometown and date were mistakes he subsequently corrected and the veracity of the information could be crosschecked with holders of the original information. But the Audit Board has rejected his explanations, saying that they are untenable and Mr Domelevo is deemed retired.

The Board Chairman has indicated that he is not due to resume office and the President will be informed about it since he is the appointing authority.

Source: MyNewsGh

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