Association of Magistrates and Judges to haul Sosu before the General Legal Council

Francis-Xabier Sosu

Private legal practitioner and Legislator for the Madina constituency Francis-Xavier Sosu seems to have courted the displeasure of the Association of Magistrates and Judges from his recent comments as they have served notice of lodging a formal complaint to the Genera Legal Council .

It would be recalled that the lawmaker criticized judges who take entrenched political positions in the discharge of their duties .

“If you make yourself a political judge, you will be treated politically and your tenure of office will run with the political party that you follow”

 The Association of Magistrates explains that, the remark by the legislator, who doubles as a legal practitioner, is reckless and must be condemned.

“The Association finds this statement of Honorable Sosu against judges as unfortunate, reckless, and misguided, coming as it is from a Member of Parliament and a lawyer who should know better.”

The association further said it would petition the Ghana Legal Council over the issue.

“Having regards to the seriousness which the AMJG takes the statement and its potential to do undue damage to the judiciary, the Association is lodging a formal complaint against the Honorable Sosu to the General Legal Council immediately for his unprofessional statements and utterances which have the potential to tarnish the image of the judiciary as a whole. ”

The Ghana Bar Association (GBA) had already called out the lawmaker over the statement describing it as very unprofessional, and unwarranted.

“The GBA takes a very dim view of the unprofessional conduct of Francis Xavier-Sosu Esq, and deems the same as an unwarranted, unnecessary, and unjustified attack on judges. This unwarranted and unnecessary attack on judges has a propensity of creating dissatisfaction and ill-will for judges.”

The  legislator for Madina, Francis-Xavier Sosu, in response also accused the leadership of the Ghana Bar Association of being politically biased.

In a statement, Mr. Sosu said the association has been “a monumental failure to our democracy.”


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