A Policeman who returned GHS2,000 ATM cash to a bank receives a big reward

Honest Policeman receives handsome reward for serving with integrity

Constable Princ Fordjour - receiving a cheque from Stanbic Bank at the Police Headquarters for returning money discharged from Stanbic Bank ATM at Abeka

A Policeman with the National SWAT who returned ‘free’ money to a bank in an act of honesty has been handsomely rewarded by the bank and the Inspector General of Police, James Oppong-Boanuh.

The Police officer, Constable Prince Fordjour is said to have seen an ATM of Stanbic Bank discharge some money freely and with no one in sight, the officer did not take the money for himself but reported the incident to his superiors who then returned it to the bank.

A post on Ghana Police Service Facebook stated that Constable Prince Fordjour “on 5th July 2021 found cash of Two Thousand Ghana Cedis (2000.00 ghc) discharged by the bank’s ATM at Abeka Total with nobody in sight. However, the constable reported the incident to his Police Commander, Chief Superintendent Theodore Hlormenu who in turn returned the money to the bank”.

Presenting the reward to the Constable at a ceremony held at the Police Headquarters, Stanbic Bank’s Branding and Marketing Manager Mr Mawuko Afadzinu said “It is not about the amount involved but the gesture of the constable which personifies what the police represents in the community, which is the same as our motto Service with Integrity“.

Constable Fordjour received a special investment fund of four thousand Ghana cedis (GHS 4,000); a gift voucher of one thousand Ghana cedis (GHS 1,000), a current account credited with one thousand Ghana cedis (GHS 1,000) and corporate souvenirs of the Stanbic Bank.

He also received a cash amount of GHS 5,000 from the Inspector General of Police for the display of integrity and honesty. The IGP encouraged other officers to emulate the example of COnstable Fordjour by standing up for what is right.

By: Clifford Adumbire | myactiveonline.com


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