11 Year Old Boy Beaten Mercilessly For Keeping His School Bag Outside


11 year old class 4 pupil assaulted for leaving school bag outside

An 11 Year old Godfred Gyamfi who is a class 4 pupil of Sarah Donkor Preparatory School at Goka in the Jaman North district has been beaten severely by his Guardian for failing to keep his school bag indoors.

In an interview with the boy who was compelled to go to school with a lot of wounds at his back and other part of his body due to the wounds from one Mr Kwaku Carpenter who is his Guardian, he stated that his school bag that was seen outside leading to his punishment was sent outside by one of his younger brothers hence he knew nothing about it.

Mr Kwaku Carpenter on his part insisted that it is the victim who refused to obey his instructions to keep his school bag in the room therefore leaving the bag which contains his schools books outside only for it to be destroyed by rain.

Mr Kwaku Carpenter added that his ward has been disregarding any instructions issued to him concerning how to keep his school equipment safe and also has a high sense of disrespect thus, it is a punishment for him(victim) to obey commands and instructions from him.

The headmaster for the school Mr Enock Afram who realized a flow of blood in the uniform of his class four pupil stated that he reported the case to Goka Police Station which was latter referred to Berekum DOVVSU headquarters. The culprit has been released without any reasons from the Berekum DOVVSU department.

All efforts to speak with Inspector Irene of Berekum DOVVSU has proved futile. The victim is now receiving treatment at Goka Clinic.

Source : Christiana Afua Nyarko


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