Why Was Captain Smart Suddenly Suspended By Angel FM

Captain Smart

Just when the culture of silence seems to be on its way to memory than being close to reality following a public outburst that led to the #FixItNow, FixTheCountry, #FixTheCountryNow and more related hashtags of similar nature. The message was simple, enough is enough, we all have to speak and citizens spoke to demand what is due them but is not everyone that has the freedom to express themselves as others seem to be getting gagged.

It has been widely reported that a renowned presenter Angel Broadcasting Network, Captain Smart has been suspended from his duties as it stands now.

In a Facebook post reacting to the news, the President of IMANI Centre for Policy and Education, Franklin Cudjoe revealed that he was informed by Captain Smart that his boss has asked him to stay off the air because his critical commentary on national issues is causing disaffection for the government.

He added that an official from the Ghanaian government seems to be issuing threats to his boss for giving Captain Smart the mandate to criticize the Akufo-Addo led NPP government on his radio station.

He wrote;

“Had a worrying conversation moments ago. Captain Smart’s boss has allegedly asked him to go off air for a while as a result of undue pressure that has been piled on him by ‘high ranking officials in government’. Captain Smart’s crime, allegedly, is that his usual critical commentary on national affairs is making government unpopular. Really? I hope it is not some overzealous politicians who made those calls. Either way, it paints a gravely intolerant picture. #Fixitnow!”

Franklin Cudjoe's post
Franklin Cudjoe’s post
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Source: Naomi Martey


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