When you lose us, you’ll know our value – CJ on Ghanaians’ criticism of judges

When you lose us, you’ll know our value – CJ on Ghanaians’ criticism of judges

Justices and magistrates have been advised by Chief Justice Anin-Yeboah not to be perturbed by the barrage of criticism in the delivery of their service to Ghana.

”Yours is to dispense justice and to uphold the rule of law irrespective of public clamour,” he advised.

Recently, the third arm of government has been heavily criticised based on some decisions they have taken, though President Akufo-Addo offered his support to the Judiciary by labelling the criticisms as needless.

Chief Justice Anin-Yeboah advocated for constructive criticism of judges during the 2022 meeting of the Association of Judges and Magistrates.

“As the saying goes, you will not value what you have unless you lose it. On this line, the consequence of losing what you have, in terms of our justice system, will be unthinkable.”

Some media firms were also blamed by Deputy Attorney General Alfred Tuah-Yeboah for distorted coverage of court proceedings which he said opens up the judges for criticism.

The media was thus advised to liaise with the judiciary for balanced reportage. This, according to the Deputy Attorney General, will ensure that accurate information is at the public disposal.

“Public perceptions of the judiciary are often coloured by misunderstandings of decisions and judgments of the court,” Mr Tuah-Yeboah said.

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