‘Weed’ Should Be Legalized For Some Reasons – Ras Mubarak


Former Member of Parliament for Kunbungu, Mohammed Mubarak Abdulai, commonly referred to as Ras Mubarak, has disclosed that he once unknowingly took an ice cream containing ‘weed’ and that made him feel intoxicated.

Weed, also known as Marijuana, Ganja, Cheeba, 420 and others, all referred to as Cannabis is a plant which is popularly used to make psychoactive drugs intended for both recreational and medicinal use.

Whilst many countries have banned the use of Cannabis, other countries are of different views and have legalized it.

In an interview with Kofi Adoma on Kofi TV, Ras Mubarak shared his experience. “I have never smoked ‘weed’. The only time I’ve come closer to anything that I will put in my system was ice cream that a friend prepared with the substance and I didn’t know. I was done with fasting so I opened the fridge, took the ice cream and within an hour I wasn’t myself”. 


He further stated that he has been a strong advocate for the decriminalization of the substance that it should be legalized so that people can plant it because we can learn a lot from it. Stating an example, he said, it can be used to do stuff like paper, chocolate, soft drinks and many others like fibre and eye medicines.

“I think that, for scientific purposes, or research purposes and medicinal purposes, it should be legalized because it is a multi million dollar business and I feel pity about the kind of repressive laws we have concerning the substance,” he stressed.

Doctors and researchers have done massive research and proven that the side effects after taking alcohol are more dangerous than when one takes  ‘weed’, he explained.

Although Ras Mubarak did not make his intentions clear as to where he would be going to contest, when asked about his intention of going to Parliament again, he said, if God is willing and he still has life, he will go again.

He also said being a Rastaman is about deeds, one’s attitude, the way and manner people live with people, family and the neighbourhood as well as spirituality. “Rasta is a way of life that upholds certain spirituality and Africannes,” he explained. 

Ras Mubarak advised that Rastas be also given exposure and equal chances as given to every other person.

By: Clement Annor | Active TV Follow on Twitter @activetvgh


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