Video: Yahoo boy pours fuel on girlfriend and sets her on fire

file photo of a girl burning

A shocking video trending on social media has a self-acclaimed Yahoo Boy commit a very despicable act that got the fury of people around.

The young man in the video who gave his occupation as a ‘Yahoo boy’ also gave his name as Victor Ogie from Benue State. He said the lady was his girlfriend and that he was not intending to use her for rituals.

It is not certain yet what caused him to set his own girlfriend on fire but if his words are to be taken, then it probably was a misunderstanding between lovers which has resulted in one now wearing scarred body. Well, with the activities of Yahoo boys encompassing different acts, it is possible he committed the act as part of processes to gain money from rituals.

The poor girl who was rescued can be seen seated on the ground and crying in pain, perhaps, regretting ever meeting Victor Ogie the ‘Yahoo Boy’.

See the video below:

By: Clifford Adumbire |


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