UNCOVERED: The Father Of Crocodiles And His Crocodiles On The Crocodile Island

Cheko with Pokua holding a baby crocodile

Crocodiles are animals who over the years have gradually left the habitation of humans. They are gradually becoming hard to come by in the dwelling of humans.

This hasn’t been the case at Ada where a crocodile Island is owned by a man affectionately known as the father of crocodiles.

Mr Benjamin Acomdo is the owner of the Crocodile Island at Ada in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana. He’s often called Cheko which means uncle. Others also refer to him as the Father of Crocodiles.

According to him, he inherited the island from his father but at that time it had no crocodiles. One-day he came to the island and found a crocodile who had left it’s children in his pond. He found them intriguing and decided to take them and keep them as his own.

A crocodile moving out of the water in a pond at Crocodile Island
A crocodile moving out of the water in a pond at Crocodile Island

Being very courageous, he managed to train them single handedly. That training has made the often wild animal now a domestic animal. There are few places in Ghana with such friendly crocodiles but none was trained by man as Cheko did. That makes his story and that of his Island more special.

One may ask if he’s not afraid. Not at all, the very reason why he’s referred to as the father of crocodiles. It is even telling from his ability to tame such animals and make them friendly that he had no fear of the water beast.

A crocodile moving out of the water in a pond at Crocodile Island

 Speaking to Active TV, Cheko states “these crocodiles have become used to me and have become familiar with me. I have lived with them for 13 years now”. 

He now owns 3 big crocodiles and 8 young crocodiles with about 40 baby crocodiles on his Island. Your next visit out of Accra to have pleasure should surely have Crocodile Island on the list of your destinations and who else to lead you to that pleasurable place than those who uncovered it? Active TV will assist you in getting there and we assure you, you will never regret a moment there with us.

By : Maame Abena Pokua | Active TV Follow us on Twitter @activetvgh


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