Trotro Diaries: An Every Day Thing – One

A trotro mate engages with his passengers in his daily hustle in the streets. Follow his journey to be entertained and educated.

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Episode 1

Pitta pitta
Pitta pitta
Pitta pitta
Anytime now.
Pitta pitta
Pitta pitta
Pitta pitta
Why is it taking this long! It is wrong. Mother said so at least. Mother…so long but she said it is
wrong and she is ALWAYS not wrong but…

Echoes of kissing sound of palm meeting cheek drown within the louder pitta pitta from the rain.
But the murderous gaze directed at the unmoving body of the mosquito is the case of crying over a
stolen ball of kenkey. Nevertheless, it does nothing to deter its living compatriots from seeking

The rain may be an unwelcomed visitor for many reasons…the desire to succumb to sleep the
greatest…it hindered…another mosquito fell.
At this rate, there’d be no need to stop for beef today at Aunty Sekina’s for madam’s soup pot today.
Persistent the rain fell ignoring the miserable piece attired body. It cared none, the rain because it
had no favourites. Another reason it was unwelcome, the rain.

If it does not cease before the sky lightens, master would not be happy. He would be lucky if he does
eat. This was becoming an everyday thing….maybe he should just listen to Kwadwo. It will just be
easier to join the league…this time the sting came from the part of his legs his three-quarter new
shop bought khaki couldn’t reach. It was black when he’d first bought it, now it struggled between
the bottom of madam’s pot and the residue under the coal pot. Proud for using his earning to
purchase his own clothing, he had even bought some nice looking tops he had sent to mother. He
remembers how happy she sounded on the phone call to thank and pray for him.
He must do better to care for her. She is all he has and he, her all, but the rain was continued
preventing him from earning this day.

Another gust of wind later and his only and thickest bedding was off the floor of his small space and
around him and just like the phone tucked into his shirt needed replacement but…mother; he could
hold on a while longer…perhaps holding on more these days but nevertheless.
Despite the thick covering, the wind got the best of it but Massa should never catch him though. For
the umpteenth time, he needed a cup of hot broth ( tea or kookoo). Maybe he should brave the

The bright glow of the overhead bulb, the only sense of warmth through the dampening weather
snuffed out, an accompanying darkness followed the other porches in the resident houses.

Oh mini!
As if the mosquitos were not daring enough! But is determined exit was halted at his master’s call.
Preventing him from braving the now abated rain to Naaley Mansa’s.
Retrieving keys from hardened dark hands, he swallowed his disapproving grunt but turned towards
the packed trosky awaiting warm-up as directed. Breakfast will have to wait.
Madam, you den plass your things dem be ten Ghana.
Passengers were always haggling for less fare for food with the mates but most are just pinch
pockets. Like this one here. The hardest of her jaw as she adjusted her wrapper over her blouse only
indicated one thing. What that ten cedis! Oh, you think you can cheat me eh?.
Alright then you win but then you go pay for extra sit la
Being the second trip for the day and better than the first, additionally, the rain had left untouched
this part of town but judging by the lazy weather, not for long.

The stout woman finally reach an agreement much to the excitement from the other passengers not
happy with the felt obviously.
A full bus and on the later, it was obvious I s to stop and make a change for coins. Some days they
did not need to go for change but not today.
Yeeeees amar’ya
Who are you calling amar’ ya? Did I marry your father last week, or married brother yesterday or is it
your uncle I’m marrying today?
Another round of excitement.
Ha! Mini saani madam? Why u dey bring ma fadah cam top rydnow. Nsumoo nonofio heh!
The slim tanned skin woman who had her pointed button nose facing the sky seem not to mind or
care for his obvious ire at her comment.
Oh, l so now I’m madam eh? You did not think that before insulting me?
Oh but how?

Calling me a married woman indirectly telling me that you think I of marriageable age and shame
on me, if I got no husband!
-Women! Closer inspection this one was quite beautiful. A beauty no doubt regardless of her short
Because sey she fine make I lef am even though she call my Fadah name for matter top.
Ok fiiiine lady soreeyyy! But if I marry you too what wrong that ? He had purposely left her change
to be the last. His gloomy day was no longer glum.

A burst of small laughter escaped her as the coins disappeared into her purse.
Youths of these days!
Ignoring the short stingy bat’s snot, he continued arranging the trip’s earnings.
Indeed there are talks of that too.
Topless faith! Till when do we continue to swim in falsehood?
The usual…passengers find public transport as one of the houses of their extended family, ha!
The last announcement was followed through with was it not!
Before that how many proved false?

The bus sparked to life leaving the slighted passenger to fear I on their destination as the argument
roared on, more passengers involving their opinions, even massa chipped in in-between driving.
What was it to him? Nothing! As long as he earned enough to send mother and little more for his
such collector. The money he would use in acquiring a bus for himself then he could marry Naaley

Like a lovelorn simpleton he had visited her the other day since he had missed her but almost getting
caught by her aunt and had to fib buying a pack of hot noodles. Why she kept her niece from an
eligible single man such as himself but found it ok logoliggying with Massa?

Pack the bus as soon as we reach the station. I’ll go for my lunch break then. Regardless of Massa
chiding him again he would spend time with his dark beauty after all he should also be entitled to a
“lunch break” as well.

Ehi Red! Stop making me laugh so much and finish your meal.
To God eh Naa, I go marry you ruf. I wan make buy my own trosky, make money wey I for tey wife
She was rewarding him with a laugh but paused.
Your Massa is coming over

Red! What are you doing here?
Relieving myself ..what does it look like? Naa snorted obviously heard my mumble.
Eating, Massa.
Hurry up it will soon be our turn to load passengers.

By Jamila Abdul Wahab Follow on Twitter @activetvgh

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