Trotro Diaries: An Every Day Thing – Six

Trotro Diaries: An Every Day Thing – Six

Episode 6

Free Sule!! Release Sule!!

Free Sule!! Release Sule!!

A peaceful demonstration outside the station. Just at its entrance.

Red, charle where you dey wei Apprentice be wan beat Sule for your matter ein top?

Free Sule!! Release Sule!!

Free Sule!! Release Sule!!

Red listened as Rowan explained how Aboagye’s Apprentice or Apprentice for short as he is popularly called had cornered Sule into the circle for a fighting bout. He did not especially like the part where the observant mate suggested Boom was plotting something for SHE Sule.

Free Sule!! Release Sule!!

Free Sule!! Release Sule!!

The crowd was still chanting when Boom graced the entrance to the police station. 

“Red!  Cam tell officer make eim for release Sule!” 

Someone shouted amongst the demonstrators.

“Everyone be quiet! I just want to know what happened and if you keep talking over each other you’ll leave me no choice but to throw those two in solitary!”

The faint chanting proceeding his appearance ceased almost immediately at his last words.

Now from the looks on their faces Boom was certain their concern was not the chap bleeding on his station tiles. 

Although Boom will concede to missing out on information as vital as Sule’s true gender was an oversight he was very aware of all else at the station… well mostly. Gaah!  he should have known she was a woman because only they know how to mess with the strongest of men!

“Officer Boom!”

“Were you there during the fight Red?”

“No, but….”

“You were not and I already have witnesses here that saw the entire ordeal. Now allow me to do my job that I am good at.”

If you were so good at it we would not be here right now was Red’s true retort but then that might just earn him a space in a cell with Sule. 

Although if what Wannyboy insinuated turns out to be true then he will earn a cell alright but not one anywhere close to Sule.

“Bah officer Boom ebi my matter ein top wei make Apprentice fight Sule!”

“Ebi so noor officer Boom”. 

Someone else concurred, a witness standing behind the officer unknown to him. Aware that further refusal to include Red would look foolish and wondering why the thought of the young mate involved in this matter should bother him, Boom signalled the officers standing guard to let Red through.

Now that there was quiet from the outside the witness along with Red followed the officer back to his office where immediately he demanded someone should start explaining and an earful he got alright.

Apprentice who turned out to be Aboagye’s bus conductor has been finding it tasking to get another master after his Aboagin sold what was left of the bus to offset bills Boom had sanctioned him with- damages to Massa and the bike man who had been wrongfully sanctioned into paying for the bus repairs and then his release bail after his arrest for his crimes. 

Blaming Sule for initiating “Operation Gin The Goat ” that led to Aboagin’s confession, Apprentice chose to get his pound of flesh. And knowing that Red will be absent this day hatched his own “Circle The HeShe” plan. Unfortunately for the green corn Sule was not one to mess with. Her father had been the station’s dragon when was alive and he had bred her since infancy. This station was her turf it seems.

Boom will never admit it now but he was in awe of the tall lanky girl. No wonder there are no muscles. Observing her more closely now he wondered how come he never noticed. Well, it is true the saying that you never find something you never looked for.

Red has seen all he needed to and he did not like it one bit. He might be an inch or two shorter than Boom and was also not as buff but he will knock his brains backwards if he touches Sule. And if Red can’t, the entire station will show Boom just how valuable Sule is to them. She was one of the guys.

“Officer Boom If we no go pay fine we fit go 0na?”

“No you will be fined for causing nuisance but then before that. Attach this disgrace to a driver”

Boom pointed at the boy resting against the wall.

“Eno work oh”

“Why’s that?”

“Like owner like dog”

Hearing himself being referred to in that manner, Apprentice’s attempt to charge at Red was halted by Boom. Red swallowed, watching the youth struggle to free himself from just one of Boom’s fists. 

“You will behave yourself, boy! If you could not beat this young woman, what is deluding you to go at the very same person you tried to avoid his involvement with?”

Turning to his right hand he ordered for a nurse to treat the boy and then toss him into a cell for the night. That would revamp his brain.

“You can all leave. Except for you Sule”

 Boom halted the girl’s eager steps towards Red. 

“I need to have a word with you Sule. You can leave Red”.

The way he said that…

“I dey for outside”

“Officer Joe!”

“Yes sir!”

“See Red outside and I don’t want any interruptions”

“Ok sir”.

Red glared all the way outside to find himself in the embrace of his girlfriend but even Naaley Mansa presence could do nothing to put him out of his foul mood.

“Red! I think say them arrest you! Where is Sule?

The worried girl searched for her friend to no avail. They might have exchanged words about her maltreatment of Red but she still cared for Sule.

Pleasure Red felt at her show of concern immediately disappeared after that question.

“She dey with officer Boom for station inside”.

“You left her there!”

“Abin talk am say I go wait inside but the man make them escort me outside”.

The worried couple watched with the rest as they all waited with bated breath for Sule. Naaley Mansa was the first to reach the taller girl amidst cheers.

“Sule! Don’t forget what we discussed!”.

Everyone was too pleased that once again victory injustice but Sule, Naaley Mansa and Red had stiffened at Boom’s parting words.

What does Boom want?

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