This is not a government to be trusted – Selorm Dzramani of Unemployed Graduates Network

This is not a government to be trusted – Selorm Dzramani of Unemployed Graduates Network

Member of the Unemployed Graduates Network, Selorm Dramani Dzramado despite the moves by the government to engage stakeholders and justify the essence of the E-levy which could soon be implemented is not impressed and thus is still not in support of its implementation.

For Selorm who joined the Justice for Ghana to picket at the parliament house on 25th January 2022 to express their displeasure on the E-levy, during an interview on the Active Morning Show on Wednesday, January 26, 2022, said “this is not a government to be trusted and this is just one of the government’s tricks to get this E-levy passed’’.

“If they are really concerned about creating jobs for the teeming jobless youth in Ghana the government should do something about its own expenditure but the government continues to live large engaging in profligate and wasteful expenditure,” he lashed out.

Mr. Dzramado further criticized the government saying “if truly a country marred in economic hardship is to be announcing some sacrifices like from now on I am not going to use the luxurious private jet, I will use the economic ones. The government isn’t doing that, it is telling us it is interested in creating jobs for the teeming youth. It is nothing but lies and a joke being injected into the youth to remain calm”.

He also doesn’t buy into the idea of the government wanting to widen the tax net but rather thinks as the government per Fitch’s rating has now lost credibility to borrow because Ghana’s creditworthiness is now low B-. It cannot go to any country to borrow and thus resorting to this measure to steal money from our mobile money account.

Also, he accused the government of lying as they[government] will use the money accrued for their own transactions and parochial interest and that is what they as a group are against.

He then called on the media to join them as they are uncompromisingly against the E-lavy. In fact, them compromising is surrendering their moral integrity, he noted.

And in case the E-levy is passed the media will hear their next line of action to step up the pressure, Mr. Dzramado assured.

By: Stella Annan | Twitter @activetvgh

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