Stolen Corpses Parts In Ghana Mortuaries, Who Is Responsible?

corpses in a mortuary

From kidnappings of the Takoradi girls to the killing of a ten-year-old boy at Kasoa and subsequently reported child-snatching at Ga West, it all has been traumatizing. But stealing dead body parts? That is definitely getting beyond understanding. Wandering minds must be thinking, what could be worse? 

Wonders never cease! Yes, this saying has proved itself time and again, just when an untoward event occurs another more unimaginable is not far behind.

There was a reported case in Volta region and five persons were arrested. Apparently prior the arrests, rodents were the primary suspects for missing eye parts of the corpses at St Anthony’s Hospital Morgue in Dzodze, Ketu North.

Mortuary attendants in Ghana have been called to account for reported cases of missing parts of dead bodies left in their care. But according to their general secretary Richard Morgan, they feel unjustly burden with with bearing this blame alone. Not when security officers are handed keys at most mortuary facilities during take over when morticians leave at the end of their daily shifts.

Therefore the association of morticians is requesting full reign over corpses in their custody for clarification on whom to hold accountable for any mishap. This grieving response followed the very short but precise letter sent by the Ghana Health Service in the Ashanti Region requesting health facilities to improve their security system to avoid any further reports of missing corpses body parts.

True though, if you are to hold a person accountable for wrongdoing, at least be fair about it. Most or all of these caretakers may or may not sleep at the mortuaries and from the words of the Secretary they are to handover keys that access rooms where the dead are kept. If so, then what is the evidence that either party is responsible? 

By Jamila Abdul Wahab Follow on Twitter @activetvgh


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