People’s Action Party leader lauds the introduction of the E-levy

People’s Action Party leader lauds the introduction of the E-levy

Kwesi Busumbru, the founder and head of the People’s Action Party (PAP), has expressed his support for the government’s Electronic Transactions Tax, which aims to improve Ghana’s revenue mobilization.

In an interview on Onua TV, he stated that “Personally, I am in support of the e-levy because looking at a country of over 30 million and just 2 million paying taxes, it means that we have a problem and no wonder this country is going down so fast.

“If we don’t approve this e-levy and the closure of the tollbooths, Ghana will keep going down because we need taxes to develop our country”.

The 2020 disqualified Presidential candidate expressed optimism that the widening of the tax net will enable the government to meet its revenue mobilization needs and be able to execute good development policies. Mr.Busumbru though claimed to have disagreed with most of the NPP’s policies, this one is an exception due to its benefits.

He thus thinks groups and individuals waging war against the proposed levy are having misplaced priorities. He further appealed to Parliament to approve the levy believing that the revenue from the levy will be used for purposes that will benefit the nation.

Source: Richard Mensah Adonu | Join our Telegram Group

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