It’s Just Common Sense To Take The Vaccine – Duncan Williams

Duncan-Williams wearing two facemasks

The General Overseer and Presiding Archbishop of Action Chapel International Ministry, Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams has cautioned that people who are not ready to take the vaccine should allow those who are ready to go for it and not incite them negatively.

In a church sermon, he said ” I went for the vaccine last week. I did the vaccine and somebody said Papa, where’s your faith? And I said it takes faith to take the vaccine”.

He stressed that ” The reason why you are not taking the vaccine is because you are afraid of what will happen to you if you take it. You are afraid because you become a victim of conspiracy theories on social media. People are sending me all types of conspiracy theories and lies about the vaccine. Meanwhile, we take other vaccines, polio, yellow fever and others”.

Archbishop Duncan Williams in debunking people’s claims that covid-19 vaccine is too quick, he said, vaccine is vaccine and if people think he doesn’t have faith for taking the vaccine, then they are joking. 

“I have faith but taking the vaccine is just common sense and wisdom, and I will rather take it for those who don’t have faith not to take it, to also take it. Because I rather prefer for people to live than to die” He added.

He emphatically stated that, he has tested 22 times negative and yet he has not taken chances with the lives of other people. 

He advised that,” If you have never taken the vaccine and you have the opportunity, take it. And for those of you who don’t have the faith to take it, don’t take it”.

Having said that people have different levels of faith, he also said he believed he was going to be fine and truly  after taking it he is still fine. No headache, no cold, no fever, nothing.

He therefore added ” I will be in good health and be alive now and after in the name of Jesus. If anything will happen to anybody that took it, minus me because I am exempted from any conspiracy theory of the vaccine”.

He further advised that if people do not have anything to preach, then they should keep mute and stop making a whole sermon out of vaccines.

By: Clement Annor | Active TV Follow on Twitter @activetvgh


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