Be Rest Assured And Take The Vaccine – Ex-President Mahama

Mahama and Lordina

After lots of expectation for the arrival of Covid-19, Ghana finally received 600, 000 doses of AstraZeneca vaccine and the first in the world to receive it from the COVAX facility. Soon as the vaccines arrived, many Ghanaians already are hving dissenting views as to whether to take or not to take.

That has led to many public figures including the President and his wife, vice president Bawumia and wife all taking the jabs on live TV to encourage Ghanaians to take the vaccines

Former President Mahama and his wife today in the spirit of encouraging public trust in the vaccines took theirs before the media at the Police Hospital in Accra. President Akufo-Addo and vice Bawumia were the first to take the vaccines for Ghanaians to know that the vaccine was safe and not for experimental purposes as some people perceived it to be.

Mahama receives injection from a Police nurse
Mahama receives injection from a Police nurse

Mahama after taking the vaccine advised Ghanaians not to be afraid to take the vaccine. He expressed hope that all Ghanaians should would themselves for the vaccination. In furtherance, he added, “and indeed in Africa, we should be less hesitant about taking vaccines because all of us took vaccines when we were growing up, and it is due to these vaccines that today our children do not get all kinds of diseases like polio and smallpox, among others”.

He further explained ” Vaccines are useful in preserving our health and so Ghanaians should disregard all the rumours behind”. “I agreed to take the vaccine publicly so that everyone would be assured that the vaccines are safe.” he stated.

By: Clement Annor | Active TV Follow on Twitter @activetvgh


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