Armed Robber Killed In Gun Battle With Police On Anwiankwanta-Obuasi Highway


Jacobu Police patrol team on Tuesday, May 11, 2021, were on their routine patrol duties on the Anwiankwanta – Obuasi Highway. On reaching a section known to be a robbery prone area between Heman and Akokoaso, four unmasked men emerged from the nearby bush flashing their torchlights signalling oncoming vehicles to stop.

One of them was holding a shotgun and the others wielding machetes. The one wielding the pump action gun on seeing the Police vehicle immediately fired at the Police, the Police Patrol team also returned fire leading to his death.

The other three suspects managed to escape through the bush. The body of the deceased was conveyed and deposited at St Peter’s Catholic Hospital morgue awaiting identification and autopsy.

The Patrol team returned to their normal patrols on the road in search of the escapees and at about 5.00 am, they spotted three men walking along the roadside. They were accosted, arrested and detained for investigations. These suspects gave their names to Police as Umar Boobey, 59 years; Jibor Karim, 28 years, and Saadoh Ali, 23 years.

In their possession were one short locally manufactured gun, two live and two empty AAA cartridges, one short machete, two torchlights, four mobile phones and assorted dresses.

Source: Kudjo Nana Nyarko


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