Adopt more punitive measures to stop examination malpractice – Kofi Asare

Adopt more punitive measures to stop examination malpractice – Kofi Asare

Mr Kofi Asare, Executive director of Education think tank, Africa Education Watch has called for more punitive measures to tackle the examination malpractice.

Students of two schools in the Upper East Region vandalized properties on Tuesday after they were allegedly denied the chance to cheat in the ongoing Technical and Vocational Education Training exams. The regional security council acted promptly by closing down the schools and directing all final year students to report from their homes to write the remaining papers.

The Eduwatch boss who has been at the forefront in exposing instances of examinations malpractices lauded the authorities, especially the Education Minister for involving personnel of the National Intelligence Bureau in this year’s exam.

“Last year, the GES dismissed 11 teachers over exams malpractices, and I think that the GES should do more of that. If the GES does outright dismissal more and stops suspending teachers because suspensions don’t work, it demotivates teachers from engaging in such acts. So we want to see more dismissals of teachers who are found culpable,” he explained.

Mr Asare called on the Ghana Police Service to speedily investigate cases of examinations malpractice brought before it.

“Upon all the petitions that African Education Watch, GES and WAEC submitted to the Ghana Police Service, not a single prosecution has been made since last year’s WASSCE. So there seems to be this inertia on the part of the police to prosecute persons participating in exams malpractices. So what needs to be done is that the police must expedite action on such cases that are brought before it.”

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