3 prisoners break jail in Central Region: A case of under dealings or coincidence?

Jailbreak in Central Region: Why are there increasing incidents of jailbreaks?

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A successful prison break has occurred yet again in Ghana, this time in the Central Region of the country where inmates at Asim North district escaped from prison over the week.

Among these three musketeers, one remains unknown, the second jailed 2 years now on account of murder and the third, a suspected radio thief. Names, Mawuli Ayetey 35 and Emmanuel Tawiah 26.

Mr Mawuli on account of his failing health was transferred to Assin Praso cell from Obuasi Prison for better health care, escaped with his two other cellmates on Friday and has been on the run since then.

The Assin Praso District Police have called on the general public to be on the lookout for the escapees.  Meanwhile, the officer on duty that evening as of now has six days out of his given ten days to apprehend and return the prisoners. 

But then this incident has added up to a number of attempted escapes including one each at Tema and Sandema this year. The six persons at Sandema jail who escaped custody in the Upper East Region and then the hot porridge incident at Zenu-Atadika Station in Greater Accra Region where 12 inmates attempted to escape after throwing hot porridge, ‘kooko’ in the face of the officer on duty. All in April.

Some of them were recaptured but others made a successful getaway. How does this bode for the competence of the Security service? Already there’s been questions on foul play.

Could the Police be somehow involved or truly these are a series of unfortunate coincidences and will this case end up like the others?

By Jamila Abdul Wahab Follow on Twitter @activetvgh


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