Yaw Sarpong inspired my new single – budding musician Qujo Brukes

Yaw Sarpong inspired my new single – budding musician Qujo Brukes

A fast-rising star and a very prolific musician called Qujo Brukes shares what has always always been an inspiration to him as he is set to drop a new single titled “Yaw Sarpong” which is obviously the name of our legendary gospel musician.

“I started rapping in Junior High though I wasn’t really good by then, when I got to SHS, my first time on stage, I felt like a king, the students kept on cheering on my name. “YMC, YMC. Yeah YMC, which was Young Maricruise, the name my school father gave me. From there I started hitting the stage every time, students, teachers and even outsiders always come to our entertainment session just to hear me sing.”

There was a song I realized back in SHS titled ” Sectech maa y3 azaa” this song hit the entire Akuapem range schools. I was a star in the making. Had a couple of friends who kept on motivating and advising me during my difficult times. I had the chance to do a track with Medikal as well, that was amazing, I learnt a lot from him.”Qujo added

Qujo neither calls himself a rapper nor a singer but interestingly calls himself an “instrument” his new song was composed because of an inspiration he had from the legendary Yaw Sarpong’s gospel hit song titled “wo haw ne sen”. Even though the inspiration was derived from a Gospel song Qujo Brukes said his version will be a high life song.

“Actually with my new single, I got the inspiration from Yaw Sarpong’s “wo haw me sen”  but my version is in a form of a high life song, it will be out pretty soon and trust me, you will love it,” Qujo added.

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