Worry About Your Problems, Not My Dressing – Kuami Eugene To Critics

Kuami Eugene

Kuame Eugene’s fashion sense has been something he has faced much criticism for over the years. That does not seem to end soon as his latest outfit when he was presented a car by Dr Kwaku Oteng last week.

Much of the criticism is centred on the fact that they believe he wears clothes that are way below his standard and his brand as a whole. The recent criticisms site how he was dressed when receiving a gift from Dr Kweku Oteng. They are of the view that the clothes he wore that day were way below his brand.

He has responded to such allegations and trashed what people think of him and his fashion sense. He says his dressing is based on what he feels happy with and what the occasion he is going for is, other than that, there is no inspiration for his sense of dressing.

Speaking to Joy News, he said, ” It is what makes me happen because my happiness count. The Occasion and wherever I am going, what is going on there that is what makes me put on what I want to put on.”

“Nobody even has the right to have a problem with what somebody expresses or puts their image out there. It is not your problem, it is the person’s problem so even Kidi has no right to have a problem,” he added. His reference to Kidi comes after Kidi advised people to relax and allow him [Kuami Eugene] to express his fashion sense as he wishes.

Source: Naomi Martey


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