Wendy Shay Threatens To Sue Producers Of South African Netflix Movie ‘Slay’

Wendy Shay

Just a few days after it was revealed that Kalybos and Bismarck The Joke starred in a South African Netflix movie titled ‘Slay’, another Ghanaian is getting involved. This time it is not for a starring or supporting role in the movie but for other business.

Leader of Shay Gang and Ruff Town Records artist Wendy Shay is threatening to sue to the producers of the movie if they don’t act fast to settle her. Her call comes after she said she watched the movie on Netflix and saw that her work was used in parts of the movie. The movie was premiered on Netflix Monday May 26, 2021 amid excitement from Ghanaian fans for the roles of two of their comic actors in the movie.

According to Wendy Shay, the owners of the movie have not contacted either her or her management for permission to use her work. She is thus alerting them to the breach of her copyrights and wants the right thing done or they face her in court.

She took to her Instagram handle to break the news with a portion of the video where her content was used. “So, I watched this movie last night on Netflix and my song, ‘All for you’ was featured without my consent or that of my management. Producers of the movie ‘Slay’, it is a crime to use someone’s intellectual property without her consent. Kindly do the needful or i will see y’all in court.,” she stated.

Source: Naomi Martey


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