We Call Ourselves Christians Yet We Are All Corrupt– Afia Schwarzenegger Blasts Ghanaians

Afia Schwarzenegger

It is obvious that the renowned Ghanaian comedienne Afia Schwarzenegger has many haters as she has admirers all due to her constant involvement in every discourse in public where she often express herself freely.

The recent #FixTheCountry protest on Twitter has got people talking all over and blaming the government for the misfortunes of the country and that was amplified following the recent increase in taxes in the country. Having watched and listened to almost everyone taking sides against the government, Afia decided to trek a different route by blaming the Ghanaian masses for the mess of the country.

According to Afia on her Instagram handle, Ghanaians have no right to point fingers at anybody because all are involved in the corrupt practices in the country.

She further added that most Ghanaians call themselves Christians, however when they get to their workplaces they forget they are Christians and then do all manner of things just to acquire wealth for themselves and then in the long run they go to churches to lift their hands to worship God which to her is the highest form of hypocrisy on the side of Ghanaians.

Source: Naomi Martey


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