Video: Veteran Nollywood actor shares a touching prayerful message after a successful surgery

Video: Veteran Nollywood actor shares a touching prayerful message after a successful surgery

God is supreme and not even fame and wealth will let any man ever surpass him. Veteran Nollywood actor Clems Ohameze has shown how grateful he is to God for having seen him through a successful surgery.

The actor in a video widely circulated on social media was seen saying “Hallelujah” and thanking God for the success of the surgery.

Aside from God, the actor also had a word of appreciation for his countrymen and women whom he thanked profusely for their prayers for him to overcome the challenge of undergoing the surgery.

The actor according to reports had an accident that left him incapacitated and required surgery to correct the defect according to doctors. He appealed for support and Prophet Jeremiah Fufeyin went to his aid with N8 million.

Prior to the surgery, the actor appealed to Nigerians for prayers for its success and, having gone under the knife successfully, it explains his strong expression of gratitude to God and Nigerians.

In the about 1 minute 30 seconds video, he was seen laying on a hospital bed with neck brace support to his neck. His message began with “Halleluyah. It was a success. God did it. God has done it”.

“Halleluyah. Halleluyah. Thank you Nigerians. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers. Blessed be your holy name, Father. Thank you. I can’t thank you all enough. God bless you. Bless be your holy name Jehovah. Oh Jehovah, blessed be your holy name.”

“It was a huge success. It was a huge success but it was a battle. Thank you, Jesus. Nigerians I thank you for your thoughts,” he concluded.

Well, Clems has battled through and thanks to God he will be back to his feet to adorn the screens again for our entertainment pleasure.

Watch the video below.

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