Pressure from homosexuals forced me to quit modelling – Bolga-based photo Model

Pressure from homosexuals forced me to quit modelling – Bolga-based photo Model

A Bolgatanga-based Model and Musician Augustin Ayambila, popularly known as Auggy have divulged on how homosexuals caused him to end his photo modelling career.

According to him, while climbing up the ladder in the modeling industry, he encountered several homosexuals who gave him the toughest times in his career.

With the pressure put on him by these individuals are powerful and sometimes hold the key to a breakthrough in the modeling industry, he decided to call it a quit because he is straight and cannot compromise.

“I have countless chats to show how these people reach out to me as if I was bisexual or a gay, just because they saw my work photography. After fees conversions, when I finally tell them am ‘straight’, you would sometimes see them putting up resistance to try initiate me.

I later realized that it was because of the modelling thing. You know, it is an industry dominated by powerful people who mostly are homosexuals. And so before you can succeed in there, you probably have to agree to some of these things, so I decided to quit and take up music, which is my first passion on a full time basis,” he narrated to Dreamz Fm’s Moses Apana Coxson in an exclusive interview.

He added that even with time he had challenges with his mother because she was of the view that his son was gay; a perception which still lingers till date.

“I even had troubles with my mum at a point. She thought I was involved in stuff like that and was always on me on daily basis. It looked like we were even fighting. I must say it was tough trying to prove to her that I’m not. She probably still thinks I’m in it”.

Source: MyNewsGh

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