My wife cannot be a friend to my mother – Counsellor Lutterodt

Counsellor Lutterodt

The sacred institution that brings two individuals and families together legally and in holy matrimony is marriage and has been associated with different opinions due to its nature.

And taking his turn on the Friday edition of the Active Morning Show to dissect how the daughter-in-law should relate to mother-in-law in a marriage, the ever vociferous and controversial Counsellor George Luttredt advised young ladies saying “Don’t allow yourself to be made an in-law if you are not married to the man”.

Speaking to Maame Abena Fabia and Agyenim Boateng Adjaye, the counsellor reiterated that the only way one can be addressed as an in-law is when you are legally and properly married to the man and not when you are his “girlfriend, Sex mate, side chic or baby mama,” adding that “the one that carries weight is the wife”.

After having that point established he said a lady who follows a guy who has expressed interest in her to his home and receive cheers from especially the guy’s mother, address her as in-law and start parading herself as such is shameless.

He stressed this to point of saying citing an example saying “like that girl[Freda] allowing Shatta Wale to kiss her in public is not from a good home,” he said otherwise she wouldn’t have allowed that.

For the controversial counsellor, the bottom line in a mother-in-law relationship is that “you should not be a friend to your mother-in-law” reiterating that there should be some respectable boundaries set there.

Buttressing on his point, he advised that “If you have a conflict with you husband do not report to your mother-in-law, report him to your parents rather”.

He also expressed his abhorrence for men who marry women and take them to live in their family house saying “if you respect the privacy of the woman you take her to a private residence”.

Mr Lutterodt also pointed out that “there is no daughter-in-law that can live with the mother-in-law and you cannot make a home in your mother-in-law’s house”.

According to him you getting married and staying in that house, you are invading the privacy of your mother-in-law, you have actually become an inconvenience to her.

He then advised that for a respectable daughter and mother-in-law relationship a lady should not go and cook in her mother-in-law’s kitchen rather, allow her to serve you when you visit and you reciprocate it whenever she comes to visit.

In conclusion, the controversial marriage counsellor noted that “An in-law is a respectable relationship, your mother-in-law is not your friend respect your mother-in-law”.

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