Money finish, eye clear – fans mock Samini for admitting Akufo-Addo failed


Fans of dancehall artiste Emmanuel Andrews Samini have taken to social media to troll the legendary musician for admitting the Akufo-Addo government has failed as the Ghanaian Cedi continues to fall flat against the US dollar and other major trading currencies.

Samini took to his Facebook wall to call out the president over the ailing economy, asking for discipline in government and a real effort to stabilize the economy.

However, inasmuch as some of the people who commented on his post praised the musician for being bold enough to admit his error, others felt he is now facing a reality check after the money the party paid to him finished.

His post on Facebook read, “Dear @NAkufoAddo.I supported you to bring change and stability.

I believed in the vision and your concept of change! But with 2 years to go, my soul bleeds. Our investments wash away daily as the dollar openly whips our Cedi. Your people are crying. We cannot pretend all is well. But if God has blessed Ghana with anything, it is our ability to stare difficulty right in the face and say, it will #bealright🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾. Ghana must work again! Where is the Nana Addo who begged us for the mandate?

The indiscipline in high and low places of government must be checked.

We go keep hope alive and continue to soldier on. What’s a man without hope? We can only continue to pray for a better tomorrow. To all my high graders out there, I say it again, we will #bealright!!!”

And some of the comments under the post felt he was just trying to play smart while others think the finish of the money is now making him face reality.

One user by the name Sabastian Dang-be stated, “You have not seen anything yet. Money finished eye clear… Naniama, next time” in response to the post.

Controversial blogger, Bongo Ideas promised to keep putting fire on him until he composes a song to hit out at the government just as he did to support them. He wrote, “This sound Bogos, I’ll continue to pressure some of you till you do the right thing, Not until you do a song you’re not free tueh” However, Samini was quick to reply to him and asked him to wait until the 25th. He wrote, “lol. Watch out for a release on 25th. #bealright” in reply to Bongo Ideas.

Samuel Amaning said the heat will soon reach everyone while also admitting that he is happy Samini admitted that Nana Addo has indeed failed. He said, “The heat go reach everybody! But I’m just glad you’ve been forthright.🔥In plain words, NANA ADDO IS A FAILURE!!!”

Lanyan Kofi thinks Samini should do more by calling for the president’s resignation. Anything less than that is a form of support for a failed Nana Addo in disguise. “You haven’t said anything, in fact you still support him with this crafted speech. With his failure, you could have boldly asked for his resignation and an immediate timeline as your demand or give him sanction that you will use your mic 🎤 to speak against him just as you did to support him.

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