Moesha Buduong Trolled For Faking Her Own Birthday Surprise

Moesha Buduong on her 31st birthday

Moesha Buduong is causing so much traffic and humour on social media with most people believing the controversial Moesha Buduong faked her own birthday surprise. 

Social media influencer Moesha Boduong celebrated her birthday today which came along with a surprise Music Video. 

However, she didn’t end the surprise there as a video that circulated online saw had descend her staircase with a facial expression that made it look as if she was surprised with the number of people and decorations downstairs.

This is what seems to be of much surprise to most people who have seen the video online. They wonder if truly the surprise was a real one or was faked by Moesha. Most people are claiming it’s fake as they wonder what could have prevented her from hearing the noise from downstairs wherever she came from all that while. 

Moesha Buduong
Moesha Buduong

Reasoning from that perspective makes the entire birthday surprise look staged and faked. Many people who posted comments on her social media handle asked many questions seeking to know the truth. Most comments were intended to ridicule her.

Questions such as where she was and how come she didn’t hear anything were all laid before her. Others accuse her of faking her birthday surprise. Well, there is also the argument that she was surprised because of the people that she saw there, maybe she was not expecting that large number.

See some of the comments from fans below.

Comments from Moesha fans on her birthday

No one is believing her. See what these are saying. She did not hear any noise?

Comments from Moesha fans on her birthday

She wants to trend, that is the message from others.

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