Medikal, What Is Your Real Age? – Kwadwo Sheldon


Youtuber Kwadwo Sheldon is wondering what AMG Medikal real age and has thus called on the rapper to come clear on his age.

The rapper celebrated his birthday yesterday where he revealed in a  post on social media that he has turned 27 years old.

That was what burst Kwaku Sheldon’s brains as he tried calculating Fella Makafui’s husband’s age.

The YouTuber took it upon himself to investigate the age of the rapper after he saw the post online. He pulled up Medikal’s post which stated his was 27 years old. He then compared that with Medikal’s birth year which is 1993 and that gave him 28 years as at April 4 which was Medikal’s birthday.

As if that was not enough to prove a point of contradiction from the rapper, he pulled up a story which was published in 2017 claiming Medikal was 25 years.

He concluded his investigation by saying Medikal is 31 years as per that article published in 2017. If in any case Medikal is not 31 years but he certainly cannot be 27 years as per Kwadwo Sheldon’s investigations.

His age on the internet says he is 28 years old and he claims to be 27 years old. It could well be an error on Medikal’s side when he was posting on social but if it was not, then Medikal please what is your real age?

Source: Naomi Martey


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