Medikal Shows Love and Loyalty To Criss Waddle In an Unusual Way

AMG Medikal

Ghanaian rapper AMG Medikal has taken his love for his boss Criss Waddle to the next level. The Arab Money Gang star rapper showed this in a special way.

The Sowutuom based rapper has in a post on social media displayed a brand new necklace. This one is not just your normal necklace but one that shows a line of loyalty and appreciation.

He acquired the item that has the face of AMG boss Criss Waddle embossed on it. It is not understood if it is for any special occasion or reason but we can confirm that, Medikal and Waddle are taking their partnership beyond the normal. A recent photo of Medikal showed him adorned with the customized Waddle necklace.

Medikal who came to the limelight through he AMG brand has stayed with the label. He has on several occasions rubbished rumours of him wanting to part ways with the Waddle led label.

Criss Waddle sometime ago asked Medikal to ‘stop’ mentioning his name every to show appreciation. According to Waddle, Medikal has already done a lot for him and he doesn’t need more of the praising. Well, Medikal may just be trying to abide by that ‘order’ but to still tell the world that he appreciates his boss, he goes a mile further.

See photos below

Source: Naomi Martey


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