I Will Let Your Employers Sack You – Afia Schwarzenegger Threatens Mona Gucci

Afia Schwarzenegger and Mona Gucci

The Afia Schwarzenegger-Mona Gucci ‘beef’ is not ending anytime soon if we are to take clues from the latest updates from their camps.

After several rounds of back and forth on social media dishing and exposing each other, they went on hibernation. But Afia is back on the fire and has decided to go hotter this time around. She has threatened to have Mona Gucci sacked for reasons we cannot understand as yet.

Mona Gucci had earlier levelled accusations on Afia, referring to the latter as a mentally deranged and an unstable person who needs psychological attention.

In an attempt to get equal, Afia has released a video in which she clothed Mona with insults. In the video, Afia described Mona as a poor lady who cannot even buy an expensive weave-on for herself and hence puts on fake weave-on.

She also accused Mona of bleaching her skin and using cheap cosmetics products. This must be hurting and hitting hard on Mona Gucci right now and she too could release her fireworks.

Afia stated, “What a fake lawyer who can’t afford common wig? This is absurd. You are so hungry and so broke and instead of having pity on yourself, you are there talking about someone else. Shameless woman.”

Mona definitely would have seen this and would be on something hot for the comedienne. We only hope her employers don’t fire her before then.

Source: Naomi Martey


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