I focus on making a global impact with my music not receiving plaques – E.L

I focus on making a global impact with my music not receiving plaques – E.L

Elom Adablah, better known as E.L, has said he doesn’t believe in collecting plaques at high-profile events. He stated that he does not anticipate winning accolades but rather concentrate on how to get his music to penetrate international borders.

EL revealed this unusual perspective on industry honours in an interview with Berla Mundi on the NewDay show on TV3.

He stated that his current expectations are not to win awards. “My expectations are not to win awards. They are not my current expectations”, adding that he is “working towards going international now. I am looking to do more international features, looking to do more international deals. I want to work on a global scale”.

EL says that he has rejected several requests to submit his work for various award schemes adding that “I don’t see myself in that light. For me, my music is more than that. I want to do bigger and better things” though he also understands that those awards could help an artist’s career.

On the comparison people and the media do about artists, the ‘Kaalu’ hitmaker said he doesn’t get involved in the comparison business because he believes everyone is talented in their own ways and that there is no need to compare with others though he acknowledges the competitive nature of the industry.

“I stay away from the comparison in the media space because I believe everyone is gifted in their own special way. The music industry is a very competitive business, and it is always encouraging. Because if you don’t perform, you fall back.”

He also acknowledged that “socio-cultural beliefs and practices” causes clashes between people. That he attributes to the conditioning people receive from society.

Elorm Adablah is currently promoting ‘BAR 6,’ his new 15-track album, which will be followed by a concert on December 18.

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