Gospel artists performing at secular concerts is a way of winning souls – Empress Gifty

Gospel artists performing at secular concerts is a way of winning souls – Empress Gifty

Empress Gifty, formerly known as Empress Gifty Osei, a Ghanaian gospel artist, has declared that a gospel musician performing at the ‘heathen’ concerts is a way to win souls for Christ.

Empress claims that her arguments are in line with her work as a Gospel pastor. She stated on TV3’s NewDay, on Friday, January 21, 2022, that there was nothing wrong with her appearing on secular programmes because her appearance may serve as a medium of repentance for viewers.

“I am a versatile artiste. My presence on the secular shows can serve as a medium for repentance for others. I don’t see why there should be a barrier. If a secular artist is having a show and invites me, why I should reject the offer?

“The Bible says we should go into the world and preach business. The church is choked. We have been so confined in all that we do. We do it every day. This is the time for us. Let’s go out and do something.”

It will be recalled that Empress Gifty was the only gospel artiste who performed at Stonebwoy’s Bhim Concert and other concerts during the December festive season.

However, critics have been questioning the reasons behind her appearance and performance at these concerts, knowing that she is a gospel artist who ideally was not expected to perform at secular music concerts.

However, Empress explained that even though she is a gospel artist, she still interacts with some secular artists in the industry.

She noted “I have a lot of secular artists I talk to and work with. A variety of music genres doesn’t mean there should be differences amongst us. And bring segregation. It’s all about you and your mind”

Commenting on the state of the Ghanaian music industry, Empress advocated that the industry should be made attractive to draw more investors and enhance its profile.

“We need to value our own. We have to love and support our own and the Ghanaian gospel music will get there.”, she mentioned.

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