DKB ‘Chopped’ 4000 Cedis He Took On My Behalf When I Was In Jail – Akuapem Poloo

Akuapem Polloo

Akuapem Poloo might be out of jail for now but she is not over the troubles yet and a rather surprising twist to her story is popping up. Rosemond Brown has dropped some big and disturbing revelation that could threaten others credibility for some reasons.

It could be recounted that during the time Poloo was serving her 90-days jail sentence, renowned Ghanaian comedian DKB came out with a fundraising appeal intended to raise some funds to support her. The decision was accepted by many and rejected by others as well, and Akuapem Poloo’s ‘manager’ and DKB even got involved in some bad exchanges in the media. The former threatened to haul the latter before the law cause for the injury caused to his [DKB] image.

News emerging from the actress’ camp has it that nothing has been heard of from the comedian since Poloo’s release from prison after being granted bail. In a video shared on YouTube, Poloo complained that she has since her release received several calls from Ghana and outside with many of the callers labelling her as ungrateful for not calling to thank them after they sent money to support her. She however said she only received money from ‘Those Called Celebs’ and aside from them, no other person has given her money.

She said a woman called Maa Alice called and expressed unhappiness that she has sent GHS4000 to DKB to be given to her [Poloo] and Poloo never even called to say thank you. According to Poloo, she called DKB after the woman’s call and he did not answer but she thought he was busy. However, as of the time she recorded the video, DKB has not yet returned her call.

If we are to go by what Akuapem Poloo said in the video, it means DKB has not yet given her anything or even made her aware that he did that on her behalf. What a rather eventful and bad twist something many people thought was a good initiative is turning out to be? But well, let’s wait till we hear from DKB before we can conclude.

Source: Naomi Martey


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