D-Black tears GHAMRO down, calls it unprofessional

D-Black tears GHAMRO down, calls it unprofessional

Desmond Kwesi Blackmore known by his stage name D-Black has criticized the Ghana Music Rights Organization (GHAMRO) for failing to adequately distribute royalties to worthy musicians in the country.

D-Black is one of many Ghanaian musicians who have complained about the organization’s discriminatory treatment throughout the years.

In an interview on Showbiz 360, D-Black stated that [GHAMRO] as a mandated body to collect royalties on behalf of musicians in the country have been ineffective over the years because it is not well-positioned to carry out its mandate.

He described the organization as unprofessional in its conduct and management of the affairs of the industry, regarding royalties. He recounted one such unprofessional act by GHAMRO as one time when he was on radio criticizing them and the following day they contacted him asking for his number to enable them to send him his royalties.

“I was on radio talking about it and the next day someone texted me and told me mine is ready and I was told to send my mobile transfer number. I thought it was the most unprofessional thing ever.

“I think we need to petition the Minister of Tourism to audit GHAMRO and I mentioned that at the recent meeting with the IGP,” he added.

“For the past 11 years that I have been in this industry, I have never received a statement and no musician that I know has received a statement. When it comes to payment, no musician I know have received payment from GHAMRO.”

He added that he receives statements from an American royalty collection body which he has registered for and wonders if it is something alien to GHAMRO such that they cannot emulate.

“I am registered to a royalty collection body in America called ASKAP and they send me statements.”

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