Artists should establish partnerships with bloggers to promote local content – Sammy Flex

Sammy Flex

Ghanaian Showbiz analyst Samuel Atuobi Baah known professionally as Sammy Flex has remarked that partnership between bloggers and local players in the entertainment industry will help promote Ghanaian content.

During a conversation on TV3’s Simply Showbiz about how well-known bloggers may promote Ghanaian material, Sammy Flex expressed his thoughts that various entertainment industry stakeholders must form collaborations to promote Ghanaian indigenous craft.

“What we have to do now is to encourage partnerships. For instance, we are looking at how they impact movies and how they are impacting music as well. Then we ask are they partnering with the people who are having the space?

“Unfortunately, now the blogging thing has changed. When Ameyaw and Co started, they were more or less like writing stories for blogs, doing more text. But now, it has changed from audiovisuals, photos and more.”

He further mentioned that in Ghana’s entertainment industry, the concept of blogging is a bit distorted. Instead of driving attention to authentic blog sites, people with huge followings on social media platforms are hailed as bloggers.

“In our industry, people with numbers are rather those who are seen as bloggers. Now it is not about those who have the blog. You can have the blog. You can write the best grammar ever. But if you don’t have the numbers, no one will be dealing with you.

“So I think that what we have to do at this stage to put out works of Ghana’s entertainment industry. To do a solid partnership like Ameyaw. He has a track record. He has numbers as well, but ask him, how many individuals who are into music and movies does he have a partnership with?”

He also commented on the poor attitude of some local players in the entertainment industry when it comes to partnerships with bloggers.

“We sit here, and people coming from outside rather have these partnerships with our people. And before we know, they are putting the content of these people on blogs that are followed more by Ghanaians, and they start complaining. To me, these guys now have the impact,” Sammy Flex contended.

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