Abena Moet Speaks For The First After Surviving Near-fatal Accident Two Weeks After Her Wedding

Abena Moet and husband

Abena Moet as she is popularly known has been trending on the news after her recent marriage ceremony that took place on the 27th of March 2021.

It was recently in the news that she had a ghastly accident that almost took her life accident just two weeks after her marriage ceremony.

However, the good part of it is that she survived and didn’t incur many injuries. She has since then not made any public comments until now.

To break her silence, she took to her WhatsApp status to reveal that she is doing well. She thanked Jesus for it but she has one problem. That is, all the money has been spent and she needs Momo alerts to refill.

As you probably are happy to have her back, just do the MoMo and let’s settle this right now.

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Source: Naomi Martey


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