What to Know About Being a Homeowner

What to Know About Being a Homeowner

Have you ever visited Banff? Banff is located in one of the most picturesque provinces in Canada (Alberta). The views are to die for. Whether you’re in Banff or Jasper, be sure to take advantage of the pretty views and the fresh mountain air. Along with all these mountains comes a plethora of hikes to check out. Banff homes for sale are a hot commodity, and sellers are seeing more multiple offers and properties selling above the asking price. Experts say there’s a combination of factors at play, including the pandemic and low interest rates. Below are a few things you should know about being a homeowner.

Homeowners binder

Many folks prefer digital storage because it takes up less physical space, and you can search through the files to find what you need. However, there comes a time and a place for paper storage. A three-ring binder with dividers and plastic sheets to organize everything can be super helpful.  It’s helpful to have important documents in one location instead of sporadically around the house. The binder is something you can give to the future homeowner. They’ll have all the info they need about appliances and repairs done. 

Start emergency house fund

An emergency fund is money that’s set aside for unplanned expenses, such as a medical bill, home repair, or loss of income. Using emergency savings to cover unexpected expenses is better than paying with high-interest credit cards or taking out a loan. Set small goals first, for example, $1000, and add to it as you can. It may seem like this will take a while, but once you get started, you’ll watch your money grow. 

Make friends with your neighbors

Neighbors can be helpful and supportive of each other’s family needs, especially where the kids are involved. They can be there for emergency childcare and generally keeping a lookout for safety. Good neighbors can be especially helpful when you are away from home, out of town, or on vacation. They can keep an eye on your property, take in your mail, and walk your dog. If you are ever laid up due to an injury or an illness, a kind next-door neighbor can be a great source of help during your recovery. They are close by for assistance when you need it most. 

Know how to turn off your water valve

It’s a good idea to know where your water valve is when you move in to save yourself time during an emergency. Also, learn how to shut off your power and gas lines. Another tip is to turn off your main water valve whenever you are out of your home for an extended period of time. This will prevent flooding if something should go wrong while you are gone from your home.

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