Subsidize fuel prices if you want to control transport fares – drivers to government

Subsidize fuel prices if you want to control transport fares – drivers to government

The Committed Drivers Association has explained that its insistence on the 30% increment in transport fares is because it believes that government has no control over the prices of fuel at the pumps.

Although tax components contribute to the build-up in the prices of petroleum products, the government no longer has a hand in regulating prices at the pump, it said.

Chairman of the Associati, Charles Danso in making a case for the association, said the continuous increment in fuel prices affects them negatively, and so they can’t depend on the government to regulate their business.

He indicated that the association will only accept the government’s deal only when government directly regulates the prices.

“Government has no hand in fuel pricing, we cannot keep waiting on government if the OMCs keep increasing the prices. Hence, the government cannot decide what percentage we need to take. If the government wants to have a say in the increase in transport fares, they should subsidize the fuel.”

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Agitations of transport operators started in 2021 over the constant increase in prices of fuel, while they were asked to hold on with increment in transport fares.

Finally, the government agreed they upwardly adjusted their transport fares which began on Saturday, February 26, 2022.

Some transport operators have however expressed dissatisfaction with the 15% increment the government agreed they operate with despite their 30% proposal.

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