How Influencer Marketing Can Be Beneficial To Your Business In A Pandemic Economy


Influencer marketing is one of the leading ways through which modern businesses are reaching out to their target audiences. 

In a pandemic-ridden world like ours today, most people spend time online, either performing business activities or generally just passing time. 

Whichever the goal is, one thing remains for sure. Many people now spend more time online than they have ever done in the past years. 

For this reason, many businesses have discovered that influencer marketing is a great avenue for promoting their businesses in today’s economy. 

Here in this article, I’ll take you through how influencer marketing can be beneficial to your business. 

What’s Influencer Marketing?

Influencers are people with huge following and reputation on social media. Usually, these people are positioned towards particular industries of their choice. These people have actively engaged followers who trust them and are willing to comment on every single post they make.

So, influencer marketing is simply the marketing act of identifying an influencer who is connected to the audience you wish to reach with your business and paying these influencers to promote your business on their platforms. 

Is Influencer Marketing For Every Business?

Honestly speaking, there is no limit on the types of business that can benefit from the power of influencer marketing.

However, over the past years, some businesses have proven to be more compatible with influencer marketing than others. 

The best businesses that do well with Influencer marketing are visual product businesses. That’s businesses that deal in the sales of physical products. With these products, influencers have the potential to use the products during a live video and provide direct personal reviews on their platforms. These reviews go a long way to influence many people who follow these influencers, into making a purchasing decision.

Business services also do well with influencer marketing. Services such as Marketing, Graphics Design and the likes do quite well with influencer marketing. Once you get the right influencer for your industry, this influencer can speak about how your business service helped them. 

Best Platforms For Influencer Marketing 

I’ll be blunt here. There are many influencers across various platforms. From Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube. But, not all these platforms work the same way and not all of them may be perfect for your objectives. 

So, here, I’ll classify the best platforms for Influencer marketing, based on the role they play in influencer marketing.

Best Platform For Visual Contents: Instagram. For visual contents such as short video and photos, the best platform would be Instagram. Products such as fitness and beauty equipment can easily be marketed on Instagram, using influencers.

Best Platform For Video Reviewers: Youtube. The world’s biggest video streaming and search engine provide a big platform for video reviews. If you are into physical products such as tech gadgets, smart devices, software and other products in these categories, you may want to go for Youtube influencers. Youtube is also a good platform for promoting courses and training.


During a period where all markets across the globe are bent on their knees; thanks to a global pandemic, businesses must discover new ways to market their products and services.

If there’s one marketing strategy that seems to work very well for most businesses in this coronavirus pandemic, it is Influencer marketing. 

Irrespective of where your business is or what your objectives are, Influencer marketing is, one of the best ways to grow it into the big thing you’ve always dreamt of. 

You can check out this interview to understand how much influencers charge for their works and what the process is like for them. 

I hope this article was helpful to you and that you’ll try your hands on Influencer marketing for promoting your business.

Kindly share your views with me in the comment box below.  

By: Naomi Martey


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