Nigerians mark one-year anniversary of #EndSARS with a protest at Lekki Toll Gate

Nigerians mark one-year anniversary of #EndSARS with a protest at Lekki Toll Gate

Some Nigerians have today gathered at the Lekki Toll gate to mark the one year anniversary of the #ENDSARS protest and as well demand justice for those killed and maimed in the protest.

This morning, over thousands of Nigerians have gathered at the Lekki Toll gate in groups waving their Nigerian flags, chanting and with vehicles which they honk from time to time to show their dissatisfaction to the treatment meted out to protestors last year by the Police and other security agencies which led to the death of at least 15 people and the arrest of many including some celebrities.

Last year’s protest was against the abuse of citizen, especially the youth by the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) of the Nigerian Police. The protestors claimed the SARS unit of the Nigerian Police made their lives uncomfortable by arresting them without any basis, most at times at gunpoint. Young persons who drove cars were unnecessarily stopped and arrested with the suspicion that they were fraudsters and forced to explain the source of their wealth with some having their cars seized if their explanation wasn’t found convincing enough.

They also complained about how the SARS unit shot to kill indiscriminately persons who try to challenge them.

The protest which was expected to be a calm one became disastrous when CCTV cameras and lights at the Lekki toll gates were cut off and soldiers opened fire into the gathered crowd killing at least 15 persons and injuring many.

Three persons have been arrested so far during today’s protest whiles Police are trying to disperse cars which have been used to block the Lekki Toll Gate to make way for vehicles coming from Lagos.

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