I Trusted You At The Beginning But I’ve Now Seen You Are A Coward- Popular NPP Guru Throws A Shot At Akufo-Addo

I Trusted You At The Beginning But I’ve Now Seen You Are A Coward- Popular NPP Guru Throws A Shot At Akufo-Addo

Constructive criticism is part of the game, but it’s pathetic when it comes from a member of your own party, because it’s obvious that a government will always be criticized by the opposition.

Because of the level of dissatisfaction that the new Akufo Addo-led government has caused among Ghanaians, even those who openly campaigned for him during the 2020 election have turned against him. Who would have guessed things would turn out this way?


Nana Oteatuoso Kokoben II, a prominent chief of one of the Akyem townships, has joined those who previously praised the Akufo Addo administration but have now been victimized by the government’s deceit.


This famous chief was one of the few chiefs who publicly campaigned for the New Patriotic Party prior to the 2020 general elections. Every morning, he was seen at the Wontumi television studios, urging Ghanaians to send Akufo Addo four more years to do more.

Many people were taken aback when this same individual was seen on the same platform calling the Akufo Addo government a major coward. He was enraged because, according to him, one of the NPP’s main campaign promises during the 2016 election was to prosecute and imprison all members of the NDC government who were involved in corruption.

“You gave Ghanaians false hope by claiming that as soon as you take office, your first goal will be to recover all looted state funds and resources from the previous NDC administration. A government where it was apparent that even cabinet ministers were pleading with people to vote for their party because they would be imprisoned if the government changed. Despite the fact that you are now in your second term, those corrupt individuals are seen moving about with trust “, he proclaimed.

What made him even more sad, he said, was the fact that a whole member of Parliament, Hon Sampson Ahi, who was involved in the Sagleme housing fiasco, was brave enough to tell the new NPP government to prosecute him if they had the guts, but no action has been taken on that issue until now.

“I’m starting to believe Akufo Addo is the most cowardly president I’ve ever experienced. He speaks a lot but doesn’t do much. I will still regret spending my time campaigning for the NPP before you stop being a coward and start prosecuting those crooked individuals “, he snarled.
Do you believe that the new NPP government is reluctant to prosecute and imprison NDC members who were involved in unethical activities because he is afraid that his own members will do the same?

Source: Report Ghana

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