You people are ‘imposters fronting constitutional rule’ – Kyei Innocent fires government

You people are ‘imposters fronting constitutional rule’ – Kyei Innocent fires government

“Democracy is an open book that thrives on transparency and accountability hence you don’t keep in a loop” Social Commentator Ivan Kyei Innocent stressed while expressing his view on recent happenings at the Parliament house over issues surrounding Covid-19 expenditure.

The vociferous analyst whiles having his turn on the Active Morning Show on Thursday 24th February 2022 stressed the issue of accountability saying “As a government, you have to give out information if you leave a loop it will be filled with cynism, propaganda, falsehood and what others said”. He added that “you are running the machinery of government with the people and communication is essential for every government,” he reiterated.

Mr Kyei Innocent then noted with disappointment how especially the Finance Minister  Ken Ofori-Atta could not account for half of the said Covid-19 expenditure when called upon and he described them saying “this underpins their nature that, they are not ready to account to the people”.

He then questioned how the government views democracy and chastised them saying “Imposters fronting constitutional rule they pretend just to just shift the narrative and it is very disgusting”.

On Speaker of Parliament issuing a stern word of caution to First Deputy Speaker Joe Osei-Owusu for reversing his initial ruling to probe the Covid-19 expenditure, Mr Kyei Innocent indicated that the speaker is justified and criticised Mr Osei-Owusu saying “how can you treat the Speaker’s authority with such impunity? It translates into an attack on the house and if you do that you treat Parliament as a joke”. 

He noted that with the way some members are treating the august house with impunity, the general public cannot be expected to respect them.

Furthermore, in his view, a lawmaker like Joseph Osei-Owusu ought to have been booted out because of some of the initially loose comments he has made and his penchant for dismissing the authority of the Speaker.

He added that most lawmakers are toeing the line of their political party whether the said policy is either wrong or right instead of seeking the betterment of their constituents.

In conclusion, he reiterated the fact of accountability saying “if you are a reasonable government you will clarify yourself and account to the people”.

The dismissal of the Speaker of Parliament Alban Bagbin ruling by 1st Deputy Speaker Joseph Osei-Owusu on the Covid-19 expenditure and the general posture of most of the lawmakers in the hung Parliament after the Speaker’s word of caution to all of them, in general, has sparked a national conversation on especially government nature of accountability to Ghanaians.

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