You must learn to build consensus to avoid brawls in the future – Christian Council advises Parliament

You must learn to build consensus to avoid brawls in the future – Christian Council advises Parliament

The Christian Council has expressed its disappointment at the recent happenings in the legislature and have advised the legislature to create a culture of consensus building to forestall any chaos in the future.

This follows the unceremonious nature sitting ended deep into the night on Monday during voting on the E-levy.

In a statement, the Christian Council said it is “deeply concerned” about the conduct of the legislators in recent times and believe that such behaviours must not be allowed to continue especially due to the impact on the respect and dignity of the country”.

“We respectfully remind parliamentarians that debates in Parliament must remain a platform for the exchange of ideas and not an opportunity for confusion and hostility. Ghanaians voted for you to engage in “debate not boxing,” the Christian Council said in a statement.

According to the Council, the unfortunate brawl as seen in Parliament erodes the country’s democratic gains over the past three decades and is completely at variance with the expectation of legislators to deepen democracy.

“Our country’s lawmakers must show the way to protect and deepen democratic processes in our governance system. Unfortunately, what we saw in Parliament is a negation of Ghana’s democratic gains over the past thirty years,” the Christian Council noted.

It reiterated that there is a need for consensus to be built to prevent future occurrences.

“We, therefore, urge Parliament to as a matter of urgency build consensus to ensure that the nation has a budget to work with, in 2022. We also urge the leadership of Parliament to put measures in place to prevent any future incidence of mayhem,” the statement added.

Christian Council statement on the brawl in Parliament between Majority and Minority MPs

By: Stella Annan | Twitter @activetvgh

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