You can avoid E-levy controversy – Prof Botchwey tells government

You can avoid E-levy controversy – Prof Botchwey tells government

Professor Kwesi Botchwey, a former Finance Minister has waded into the E-levy brouhaha with some words of advice saying to prevent the E-levy from being a controversial subject matter amongst the Ghanaian populace, the onus lies on the government to understand and respect the concerns of Ghanaians by bringing up a transparent and honest conversation with the understanding that those who do not agree to such a bill despite all are still patriotic.

Urging government not to beat about the bush but come out and be frank with Ghanaians over the economic woes we are experiencing instead of displaying hubris.

“We are in crisis and the opposition have raised concerns on the effects it [E-Levy] would have on the cashless society we want to have, and also the hardship it will bring upon the vulnerable. Let us get to recognise that the concerns of the opposition are critical issues by engaging in transparent and respectful conversations.”

“Now, the first solution to this is to recognize that we have a problem. If you’re telling the public that things are cool, we have never had it like this, we have done better than anybody in the past if you are professing hubris, it tells that you do not have a problem.”

Deal of the day

“Speaking this way gives you no stance to collecting monies from the people, no matter the exemption given it, I’m not saying we should panic, but standing comfortably and smiling as if the house is not on fire is terrible, and shouldn’t be done,” he concluded.”

Meanwhile, the Minority group in Parliament has unreservedly stated its stance against the passage of the E-Levy bill since its inception on November 17, 2021, which many Ghanaians resonate with.

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