We’re available to receive your complaints about the E-levy – GRA to Ghanaians

We’re available to receive your complaints about the E-levy – GRA to Ghanaians

The Ghana Revenue Authority has assured the citizenry of its availability to receive any complaint with regards to the introduction of the E-levy.

 Head of Communications and Public Affairs at the GRA, Florence Otoo, during an interview with TV3, revealed that the authority has made available hotlines through which the public can reach the GRA to file their complaints.

“If you complain to your charging entity or you have some difficulties or challenges or you have been wrongfully deducted the E-levy and you are not satisfied with what your entity is doing, GRA is also available.

“We have hotlines, we have our toll free line that is 0800900110. If you call that number we will be able to make sure that we are addressing your challenges,” she said

On Sunday, May 1,  The GRA commenced implementing the e-levy.

Some customers have already reported cases of wrong deductions since the policy started.

The authority has already issued guidelines for the reversal of wrong deductions. In a statement, the GRA said “Under this phased approach it has been decided that all ‘on-net’ and ‘off-net’ transfers including transfer to own account shall be subject to the E-levy.

“This is because of the lack of visibility across all networks due to the phased approach. However, charging entities are to exempt ‘on-net’ transfers between accounts owned by the same person where the identity of the person can be determined”.

The GRA assured that it is collating all the feedback to work on them.

But a member of the E-levy Technical Committee of the GRA, Isaac Kwabena Amako said, “On day one of implementation we have been taking feedback.

“The category of feedback that did not meet our design is the fact that people transferring from one network to another network, for some of them they are being charged.

“That seems to be the most prevalent technical issue that is being reported. We have collated some of these concerns, we are talking to the charging entities so that they correct them.

“We believe that between now and the following day some of these of these corrections will be made.”

“We have issued out notices that anyone who has genuine or valid reversals should listen to them, use the current approach that they use for reversals which is 15 working days to collate these concerns, those who have been wrongfully charged should be refunded,” he added.

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