We won’t return to work until our safety is assured – ECG senior staff support PUWU

ECG-technician file photo

The ongoing impasse between some indigenes of the Kroboland and the Electricity Company of Ghana has led to the Senior Staff Union of the ECG solidly supporting the instruction from Public Utility Workers Union (PUWU) to the staff of ECG not to work in that enclave to ensure their safety.

PUWU instructed especially the ECG field staff in that enclave not to go to the field to work as a precautionary measure.

In solidarity, with PUWU’s stance on the issue, Mr Peter Fletcher chairman of the ECG staff union reiterated their resolve not to work until their security is assured.

“Our people have been threatened, offices have been vandalized, even to the point that our people have to relocate. If the place is not safe, we cannot go and work. So we expect the security apparatus, to take the necessary action other than that, we cannot serve residents. That is our decision,” Peter Fletcher.

To guarantee their optimum safety, he appealed to the security agencies to apprehend persons who threaten  ECG Staff.

“We know the ring leaders of these actions, and they are walking in town freely. What are the security agencies doing? We expect them to move into the town and cause the arrest of these people”.

 PUWU further advised its members to restrict their services to places they deem safe in the Eastern Region.

Michael Adumattah Nyantaky General Secretary of the Public Utility Workers Union reiterated during an interview on Citi FM that, the workers would return to the affected communities only when their safety is assured.

“We have not asked our members not to go to work but what we have said is that, if going to the field is a bit dangerous because the authorities in the area have not given assurances to ensure the safety of our staff, they should remain in the district office.”


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