We are all at risk if this generation does not put technology to good use – Monica Ankrah

 We are all at risk if this generation does not put technology to good use – Monica Ankrah

Despite the great range of electronic gadgets available, Ms Monica Ankrah, Regional Director of Education, claims that females are less likely than boys to utilize or possess these devices, as well as obtain tech-related skills and employment.

“We can usher in the digital revolution, for all and with all, only by tackling inequality and guaranteeing the inclusion of females in the acquisition of knowledge in Science and ICT,” she added.

Ms Ankrah, speaking at an event commemorating the International Day of the Girl Child, stated that in this technological age, more girls need to be encouraged.

The United Nations General Assembly passed Resolution 66/170 on December 19, 2011, declaring October 11, as International Day of the Girls to honour the female child and her particular difficulties. The International Day of the Girl Child was commemorated for the first time on October 11, 2012.

“Digital Generation, Our Generation” was the topic of the event, which was organized by the Korle Klottey Municipal Education Directorate and funded by the MTN Ghana Foundation.

Despite the presence of the Covid-19 pandemic, which has slowed many businesses and economies, she said technology had been used to keep economies moving.

“Covid-19 has really pushed society to rely on or use technology to its full potential,” she added.

Ms Ankrah stated that individuals are now working from home, students are studying and writing exams online, shopping is being done more online, and families, friends, and loved ones are keeping connected.

“We must use technology in the right direction and discipline ourselves as students and youth to use technology for productive purposes like research and avoid spending so much time on the internet at the expense of their studies,” the Regional Director said, referring to the negative effects of technology that the digital generation is likely to face.

 She noted that “We are all at risk if this generation does not put technology to good use and we those born before the era of computers should make every effort to be in tune with the generation we find ourselves in now”.

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