Wa killings: women and old men more vulnerable – Rashid Pelpuo

Wa killings: women and old men more vulnerable – Rashid Pelpuo

Recent incidents of killings in the Upper West Region have left the legislator of the Wa Central constituency Abdul –Rashid Hassan Pelpuo worried.

He believes women and old men serving as security are targets of such unfortunate incidence in the region which to him is a worrying trend.

Mr Pelpuo, during an interview on TV3, disclosed that the target group who are vulnerable, either women or old men who are watchmen at spots that are isolated from people, they[killers] go there at midnight and kill them.

The legislator also cited another incidence in the region where a woman was attacked but she was able to break free from the killers 

“The other attempt was on a woman in her house but they didn’t succeed, she fought and freed herself. It means these predators of human flesh are still around and is a danger to society.”

Currently, one man has been apprehended in relation to the Wa murder. Mr Kankani Adongo who is a suspect is in the grips of the police and being processed for court.

Meanwhile, the police have affirmed their resolve to provide optimum security for Wa residents. A GHS100,000.00 has also been placed on the killer.

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