Trotro Diaries: An Every Day Thing – Three

Trotro Diaries: An Every Day Thing – Three

Episode 3

Paawpaw Paawpaw

Paaawpaw Paawpaw


Completely and utterly this day. The entire day did feel like a drag. Then this fruit peddler was irritating and unbearable as the minutes ate away.

Bad enough that no passengers around this Sunday noon and that equals no money and equally no food. That Aboagin had to mess it up further by twisting tales. Who is Boom anyway to tell them what to do?


Impossible! Not his nor Massa’s returns will fund an alcoholic’s greed wrapped up in the deceit of bus repairs. 

Red oh!

Never! Boom will know soon enough.

Red you well?

Angered, the dejected mate allowed his eyes to spotlight one dirt end of the deserted bus station to the next. Not interesting in the dry being next to him just like the other times he stretched those binoculars inside glance.

Red knows… well maybe somewhere deep beneath all the hunger monologue in his head who runs the station.

Red something dey go on right now!

Two days now he couldn’t go on his own ‘lunch’, not that the feisty Naa Ayele will let him near her after learning of his current plight. Just three days. 


RED me talk you say something dey go on!

Ooooh! Habah!

Paying attention to the pleasing brown face threatening to merge with the one he had resting sideways at the bus door.

When did the bunch of silly misfits reach so close?

Sule! I no get your time today!

The park’s antenna was not satisfied and obviously expected an alternate response. Sule’s face twisted further when Red’s attention focused on a specific direction of their vicinity.

You have issues so pressing than trying to sniff out Naaley Mansa’s “cooking” from here.

On the scale of dialogue, Red chose to bend forward ignoring Sule and try winning back his woman’s heart through intense telepathy of his eyes.

Nothing is happening. 

Why is she not bursting through the faded lace curtain with a smile eager for his embrace? Movies really do tell lies.

Ok!! If you don’t want to know about Aboagin then….

Suddenly Naaley could include herself in the ignore pile.

Aaah Sule my friend, you know how much we value you in this station.

A little more sweet talking will finally wipe the rest frown from the still too close face.

Chief transmitter!! Sule Sule! 

Now red has to think fast before whatever was to be said is missed entirely.

Ok Sule my friend me I go buy you one big bowl of island fufu surrounded by fish swimming in a sea of palm soup eh?

After a bit of hesitation, those annoying side indents appeared on the brown cheeks before he attempted to leave just to turn around a few steps away from his still seated companion.

You go come along or no?

Oh you for talkam say I for follow you la. You too!

For any novice who enters the station, every nook and cranny is glaringly clear to discern but that will be the first error to believe and the indigenes that know better will not tell you that the food stalls annex the station office has a trampoline covering a faux wall of the stalls leads to a very tight space with a hidden drinking bar.

The iron bars surrounding the stalls are covered with the same trampoline but sectioned into three layers, this is where the deceit comes in, customers sit to eat at the visible and “allowed” front section separated from the kitchen which they believe is the only other remaining section. 

Skipping the kitchen and heading straight for the hidden bar, Red followed Sule, not surprised no one tried to stop them, as long as one moves with Sule nothing is not possible.

Sule saved the day grabbing the angered Red about to commit a blunder.

He has been wasting the money on drinks, that infested parasite!

Unable to move further, Red wondered where Sule was sourcing his strength from.

If you mess this up, my man you go still service my stomach.

Letting go of his collar, Sule settled watching Red watch the bar occupants knowing there will not be any sudden alerting movement..for now.

If looks can strangle though!

There smack at the middle table was an inherent Aboagin, a stupid smile like one who just heard the news of his admittance into heaven.

I could send you to an everlasting euphoric place faster, Red gritted in thought but Sule who was all for action signalled the men playing pool with the gin master as his fellow mate thought up seven ways to obliterate.

Aboagin gin master! King of gin!

Raising an uncoordinated hand, the said man gave a shameful rendition of a gracefully waving monarch.

That be me, that be me!

Burp…. burrrp

But you miss something for my title top Koo

Slurring happily Aboagin shook a scolding finger but inside of sideways the appendage somehow managed up to down movement.

Pardon king, pardon.

Nodding the gracious kind turned to the entrance kitchen door causing Sule to pull Red under the table they had been perching at all the while.


Now out of sight, they observed his companions try to correct his miscalling of the barmaid. The saucy maid trotted to them unperturbed.

It’s alright he can call me whatever he’s pleased with.

Bloofo! Blooofo oh! Koo?!

Gin king!

You hear blooofo ‘he’ taukin?

Like God pikings way demma fly nu.

This be why I love my Naaley Mansa. She go never rub Aboagin head like some classless women dem for this station.

Red shut up and pay attention before you make him notice us!

Ebe true!

Where dey your Naaley?

Defeated, Red turned back to his target.

E make like sey e order another round for everybody oh.

And that girl was now seated on his thighs, whatever was remaining of the space not occupied by his bulging stomach of course.

Yes, so as the okada man make sey e for pass my front you see de tin, ebi then me too cam move.

But Gin Gin, did you not fear that Boom Boom would have caught your lie?

Oh bloofo! Er my kwen, that Boom Boom wey no get sense? Me no go classes but my wisdom e pass Boom.

Ok, your turn now.

Confession now on record, Sule released Red’s shirt.

Gladly stomping towards Aboagin who was now a little sobered up at the sight of Red and tried to escape.

Nobody go save you today!

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